Parents Refuse Doctors’ Advice to Abort Conjoined Twins, Welcome Newborns To The Family

Conjoined twins born to parents who already have FIVE children: Christian couple welcomes ‘two little precious souls’ after they refused doctors’ advice to abort them

A family-of-seven welcomed conjoined twins at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center earlier this month.

Elijah and Isaac’s father, Jason Kroeger of North Carolina says the twins condition is better than expected but they still have some ‘speed bumps to overcome.’

Jason wife’s Heather Kroeger found out she was pregnant and was told early on they were only having one child, but a later ultrasound in his first trimester revealed there were two, and they were conjoined.

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Issac and Elijah, left and right respectively, are conjoined in a way that they can not be safely separated

They were told by their health care providers that they could perform an abortion for Heather.

‘To us it wasn’t an option. These children are our children they were given to us for a purpose… to protect them. Abortion was never an option,’ Jason told Fox19.

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