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Parents Receive $200,000 Bill For Giving Birth To Premature Baby In An “Out-Of-Network” Ward

For the Jay family, they had no idea their new bundle of joy had the possibility of leading them to financial ruin.

Amy and Mac Jay welcomed Evelyn into the world prematurely on January 16 after the couple endured several miscarriages and infertility problems.

They spent two weeks at their newborn’s side as her tiny lungs struggled to work and watched as countless experts at the Alabama hospital worked to save her life.

Finally, the family was able to take the little girl home but the relief was short-lived when Amy opened up a nearly $200,000 hospital bill in March.

Amy gave birth at an out-of-network hospital and although their insurance would cover some of the delivery costs, she was late in adding Evelyn to the plan, resulting in the astronomical charge.

Now the Jay family is facing bankruptcy and are desperately searching for a way to come up with the enormous sum.

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