Parents Lawsuit Blames School For 8-Year-Old’s Suicide After Release Of Bullying Video

The parents of an eight-year-old Ohio boy who committed suicide have filed a federal lawsuit against the boy’s elementary school and school district saying a ‘treacherous school environment’ led to their son’s death.

Gabriel Taye, 8, hanged himself at his home on January 26.

His parents filed a wrongful death suit Monday, naming his school, Carson Elementary School and the Cincinnati Public Schools district as defendants.

The suit says the school environment allowed and covered up bullying.

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Attorneys have said his mother Cornelia Reynolds didn’t know her son was bullied until the lawyers saw a Cincinnati police detective’s email describing the scene outside a boys’ bathroom where attorneys say Gabriel was knocked unconscious.

He hanged himself at home two days later on January 26.

Prosecutors investigated Gabriel’s death and closed the case without charges. The coroner ruled his death a suicide.

The school district has said Gabriel told staff he fainted and never said he was bullied or assaulted.

In July, a second investigation into the boy’s death was closed with no additions to the original suicide finding, a coroner said.

Hamilton County’s coroner issued a statement on July 6 saying a review of additional investigative information regarding Gabriel Taye found nothing that would alter the death certificate.

Gabriel’s grave was opened by authorities in July to remove an electronic tablet buried with him to see if it might shed light on what led to his death.

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