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Parents Are ‘Outraged’ With Police Treatment Following The Killing Of Their Son At Alabama Mall

The Parents Say They Learned Of Their Sons Death On Social Media

By: Brianna Wigfall

Imagine turning on the TV or flipping through social media to learn the death of a loved one. An Alabama mall shooting resulted in the killing of an armed black man, and his parents are hoping for ‘equal justice’ after authorities wrongfully killed their son. 21-year-old EmanticĀ Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. went shopping on Thanksgiving Day when an altercation broke out and police mistakenly shot and killed him. His parents are furious and say’s authorities have not handled the situation correctly.

“I’m outraged as a mother because I carried him for nine months,” his mother, April Pipkins told ABC 7. “As a mother, no one understands how I feel. It’s like someone ripped my heart out.”

Pipkin says authoritiesĀ never notified the family and they learned of their son’s death in the worst way possible, through the media.