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Oprah Keeps It Real On Weight: “I can’t accept myself if I’m over 200 pounds”

Oprah Winfrey is once again opening up about her struggles with her weight and she keeps it real!  ‘After spending literally years on more diets than I care to count, I finally made the shift from dieting to a lifestyle change’ Winfrey said. The 63-year-old media mogul has never been shy about her struggle with weight loss and her most recent interview was no exception.

While speaking with the New York Times Magazine for a piece called, “Losing It in the Anti-Dieting Age,” Winfrey said she’s all about self-acceptance, but has her limitations when it comes to her weight and how it affects her health.

“This whole P.C. about accepting yourself as you are — you should, 100 percent,” says Oprah. “[But] for your heart to pump, pump, pump, pump, it needs the least amount of weight possible to do that. So all of the people who are saying, ‘Oh, I need to accept myself as I am’ — I can’t accept myself if I’m over 200 pounds, because it’s too much work on my heart. It causes high blood pressure for me. It puts me at risk for diabetes, because I have diabetes in my family.”

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