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O-no: Oprah Encounters Young Boy Who Doesn’t Know Who She Is On #OWNKidsDay

Oprah Winfrey: ‘Hard to impress kids these days…#OWNKidsDay.‘ Adorable video of Oprah and staffers young son has over 9 million views.

The OWN CEO shared her encounter with one of her staffers’ sons during ‘Take Your Child to Work Day’ at her company’s headquarters in West Hollywood. In Oprah’s Instagram video, the mogul asks if the child recognizes her.

‘Your dad works here, right? [For] $10, what’s my name?’ Oprah said to the boy.

It’s unclear if the boy was simply too star-struck to reply or really didn’t know who Winfrey was when she asked him, but he remains silent as Winfrey playfully prods him, saying: ’10 seconds! C’mon…starts with an O!’

‘How many O names are there? C’mon! Ophelia? … Oprah!,’ she continued before giving the kid a high-five.

Apparently taking the moment in stride, Oprah captioned the video, ‘Hard to impress kids these days…#OWNKidsDay.’

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