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One Minute Tips That Can Help You Lose Weight

Studies Show That Weird 60 Second Hacks Like Sniffing Apples, Pears, And Peppermints Or Turning Off All Lights When You Sleep Can Help You Lose Weight.

It’s mid-way through February, so many people have already ditched their New Year’s resolutions to get fit and lose weight.

But for those trying to get back on track, there are plenty of clever hacks that can help.

According to Now To Love, there are some strange tricks that can help you lose weight, and all take less than 60 seconds.

The first – and potentially weirdest – trick involves smell.

According to a US study, smelling foods like apples, peppermint and pears helped stop people from overeating.

It’s not the first time that smell has been linked with weight loss. In 2013, a company claimed to make ‘Diet Slimming Perfume’.

It had ‘weight-loss boosting herbs and boasted a fresh citrus’ smell that claimed to help women lose kilos.

Another easy, albeit odd, hack involved turning off the lights when you go to bed.

A separate US study found that people who sleep in complete darkness, without even a glow from devices or clocks, have better metabolisms than those who sleep with light.

Other hacks are more well known, such as drinking water and eating healthy fats.

Drinking water means you won’t eat unnecessarily, and snacking on nuts means that you’ll stay fuller for longer and be less likely to get a sugar craving later on in the day.

The last hack involves only paying for food in cash.

By paying in cash, it means you’re unlikely to buy extra snacks unnecessarily and therefore overeat.


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