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Omarosa Is Called A Snake By Michael Clarke Duncan’s Family After Fighting Over His Will

Michael Clark Duncan’s Family Speaks Out On Omarosa Allegedly Changing The Actors Will Just Months Before His Death

There are always two sides to every story, and Omarosa Manigault Newman tells hers, releasing her memoir ‘Unhinged’ dishing all of Trump’s dirt in the White House. But furthermore, she re-lives the death of her previous love Michael Clarke Duncan naming the chapter ‘Shattered.’

“I was lying in bed with Micheal the night of July 13, when I noticed a change in is breathing. His soft snores became ragged and then stopped altogether. I put my hand on his chest and realized he wasn’t breathing. I called 911 in a panic and told the operator what was happening, That my fiancé wasn’t breathing and might have a heart attack.” she said bringing the attention of ‘fiancé,’ revealing his secret proposal just months before he passed.

She goes on to say, “The operator gave me instructions to perform CPR, which I did, as I’d been trained to do in college until the paramedics arrived and took Michael to the hospital.”