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OJ Simpson Lost 100lbs Before Leaving Prison With Help From Bodybuilder And Murderer, Craig Titus

OJ Simpson shed 100lbs since the end of last year so that he would look more like his former fit self when he left the slammer, a prison insider exclusively told DailyMailTV.

The 70-year-old, seen here looking trim in these exclusive pictures taken at a Las Vegas country club over the weekend, had been pigging out on Little Debbie cakes, Ramen noodles and other high carb, high-calorie foods during his incarceration at Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada.

The former NFL star’s diet had him ballooning to more than 300lbs and the weight gain got so bad that he had trouble getting around and was on the brink of diabetes and other weight-related problems.

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But when Simpson got word of a possible parole date, he changed his unhealthy habits and started to exercise and eat better,  and stopped buying snacks at the prison canteen, helping him drop to 200lbs over the course of a year

Now the former football pro looks more like he did when he played  in the 1970s than when he first entered prison in 2008.

A prison insider spoke of Simpson’s unhealthy snacking habits, adding that the football star was a regular at the prison canteen buying Little Debbie cakes snacks, ice cream, candy bars and Ramen noodles.

Simpson never went without snack food, the source said. His prison cell looked like a mini-mart because of the countless snacks and microwaveable food that was stacked next to his bed and locker.

The disgraced football star would eat the prison food and then go back to his cell and snack on his treats that he bought at the canteen.

The insider told DailyMailTV: ‘OJ loved eating what is known in the prison as ‘carnival food’ – hamburgers, hot dogs and corn dogs without the stick in it.’

And at dinner, fellow inmates would gladly hand over ‘The Juice’ their dessert.

That all changed when Simpson heard he was possibly getting out in October, instantly changing his ways because he wanted to look good when he left prison.

Simpson didn’t want to look like someone who was on his last leg of life so he went on a special diet that the prison offers to inmates.

It’s called the 2,600 diabetic diet and it limits the inmate’s calories to 2,600 a day and offers foods with lower sugars and carbohydrates.

The normal prison diet is about 5,000 to 6,000 calories a day, while the diabetic diet is drastically cut down in calories.

The prison’s diabetic meal plan would cut out sugars and sweets, such as cakes and cookies, and replace them with fruits and treats that didn’t have any sugar in them.

The biggest change in the diabetic diet was for dinner – instead of eating corn dogs, hot dogs, pizza, hamburgers and spaghetti, the diet would serve a chicken patty or a dish that had turkey burger and low carb vegetables.

Sometimes Simpson would complain because the diabetic diet wasn’t based on the quantity of food but rather on a calorie count of 2,600 per day.

Not only did Simpson eliminate sweets, cookies and snacking, he started walking around the prison track during his ‘yard’ time. Simpson befriended Craig Titus, another infamous inmate at Lovelock prison.

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