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The Obams Are Looking To Hire Interns For Post White House Plans

Barack And Michelle Obama Are Back In Washington And Looking For Interns To Help With Upcoming Book Deals And Speaking Engagements.

The Obamas have returned from their post-White House vacation, and they are getting back to work and looking for some new employees.

The ‘Office of Barack and Michelle’ put out a listing for interns to work directly with the Washington-based power couple.

Exactly what the tasks will be is unclear, but Michelle and Barack have a number of speaking engagements planned and will each be writing books in the coming months.

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Responsibilities listed in the job position include tasks focused on correspondence, and they are looking for people who ‘take initiate, manage their time well, have strong attention to detail, strong writing skills, and the utmost commitment to public service,’ according to the posting from their office.

It is unclear whether the internship will be paid or unpaid.

Barack and Michelle are staying in DC so that their youngest daughter Sasha can finish high school, and during that time they have plans to do thing such as write books and speak at different organizations around the country.

‘President Barack Obama and Mrs. Obama have selected the Harry Walker Agency to coordinate their respective speaking engagements,’ according to a statement issued by the Obama spokesman last Friday.

‘In addition, Attorneys Robert Barnett and Deneen Howell will manage contract-negotiations with potential publishers for the former president and Mrs. Obama’s respective books.’

The Obamas also returned to the Twitter world on Valentines day with loving notes to each other, marking their official return to public service following a brief post-presidential hiatus.

Their daughter Malia has also been busy since moving out of the White House.

She took an internship in the famous film director Harvey Weinstein’s Manhattan office.

On Wednesday she was spotted as she headed into work, sporting an over-sized maroon sweatshirt and a short black dress.

Photographers typically catch her showing up for work in casual outfits.

Malia landed the Weinstein Co internship after spending the fall travelling South America, and while she is gaining experience in New York, her parents are settling into their new home in Washington, DC, and beginning their life-after-presidency.

After leaving the White House last month, they planned to lease the $4.3 million home in the elegant neighborhood of Kalaroma, complete with nine bedrooms and eight-and-a-half baths.

On January 20, the Obamas first flew to Palm Springs, California, before jetting off to the British Virgin Islands.

During their well-deserved vacation, protests broke out across the country in response to President Donald Trump’s controversial executive order barring refugees and non-US citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries.

In those weeks, Obama was pictured horsing around with billionaire Richard Branson as the former president learned to kitesurf while the couple posed with locals and soaked up the sun.


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