Now That The Mannequin Challenge Is Over, New Internet Craze Is “Table Breaking”

New Internet Craze Table Breaking Has People Diving And Breaking Tables With Their Own Bodies.

First there was the ice bucket challenge then the running man and mannequin challenges – but now there’s a new craze taking the internet by storm.

People are risking serious injury by running, jumping and sometimes even somersaulting into tables.

The new trend is called ‘table breaking’ and its become so popular that there is a Facebook group dedicated to the stunt called ‘The Table Breaking Club’.

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Inspired by the WWE, the T.B.C. was created in May last year and has a cult-like following of more than 50,000 people who have posted dozens of videos online.

The daredevil participants can be seen jumping off chairs, cars and even building roofs with the sole aim of breaking the table.

Friends of the jumpers even risk their own safety by laying on top of the tables and letting their friends jump on top of them.

In many cases the participants mimic their favorite wrestlers and throw each other into the tables.


People use all different body parts to break the table with backs and bottoms seeming to be the preferred breaker but some attempt to break the tables by using their heads.

The tables which are more often than not plastic, break quite easily but some more sturdy tables do not break and cause extreme discomfort to the participant.


A number of injuries have been inflicted from the craze with concussions, broken bones and even an impaling from a metal table leg piercing a man’s skin being mentioned.

Medical professionals have slammed the trend as ‘dangerous’and said participants risk damaging their internal organs and even death.

The group features a disclaimer that insists that the club and it’s founders are not responsible for any injuries that may occur to any person whilst breaking a table or any other activities that take place in the videos that are submitted to them.


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