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A ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ Tattoo Left Florida Doctors In An Ethical Panic 😳

Hospital thrown into panic over unconscious man’s ‘do not resuscitate’ tattoo across his chest

A man’s ‘do not resuscitate’ tattoo forced Miami emergency doctors to confront the ethical conflict between a patient’s wishes and a doctor’s duty.

The 70-year-old man was unconscious and presumably drunk, given his elevated blood-alcohol level, when paramedics brought him to the emergency room.A 70-year-old unconscious man with 'do not resuscitate' tattooed on his chest (pictured) alongside what appeared to be his signature. He had no other identification or next of kin, so Miami doctors had to decide whether or not to respect the man's inked wishes

His pulse slowed to a worrying rate, and the doctors decided to try to save him any way, but were getting no responses, according to a case study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

After consulting with ethicists, the doctors decided to respect the man’s tattoo, but the quandary made them aware of the need for an updated system of tracking patients’ end of life wishes.

Paramedics brought the senior to the University of Miami hospital emergency room after finding him on the street.


The man had alcohol in his system and couldn’t be roused, but none of that was terribly unusual.

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