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North Korea Propaganda Video Shows Trump Staring At Cemetery

A chilling North Korean propaganda video appears to show Donald Trump staring at the apocalyptic remains of US territory Guam.

The footage released by Kim Jong-Un’s state run media featured a macabre shot of Trump at cemetery, apparently in Guam, and Vice President Mike Pence engulfed in flames.

See Video Below.

It emerges on the same day the two nations went head to head during a debate at the United Nations, with Pyongyang’s envoy vowing it would never give up its nuclear arsenal.

The video showed North Korea launching the ballistic missiles and its troops marching in unison through Pyongyang.

‘Americans should live with their eyes and ears wide open,’ the caption is believed to read.

It goes on: ‘They will be tormented day and night by the Hwasong-12 rockets without knowing when they will be launched. They will be in jitters.’

It is the latest escalation in a fiery war of words between Trump and Kim since the North Korean leader threatened to level Guam, an American territory around 2,100 miles from the Korean Peninsula.

The video emerges shortly after the reclusive nation threatened to turn the US into ‘a heap of ashes’ in a typically aggressive response to the American war games in the neighboring South.

The Ulchi Freedom Guardian drills – which themselves are a response to the North’s nuclear tests – are largely computer-simulated.

 South Korea’s president, Moon Jae-in, said the drills are defensive in nature and necessary because of repeated provocations by North Korea.

But Pyongyang branded the 11-day exercise a ‘reckless’ invasion rehearsal that could trigger the ‘uncontrollable phase of a nuclear war’.

Today’s fiery confrontation at the UN was sparked when the US envoy highlighted Trump’s focus on protecting his nation from North Korea – and that he was ‘ready to use ‘the full range of capabilities at our disposal’ to do so.

‘North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programs pose grave threats to the entire world,’ US disarmament ambassador Robert Wood told the Geneva forum.

He added: ‘Its recent ICBM tests are another example of the dangerous reckless behavior of the North that is deestablishing the region and beyond.’

Meanwhile North Korea diplomat Ju Yong Chol said that measures taken by his country to strengthen its nuclear deterrent and develop inter-continental rockets were ‘justifiable and a legitimate option’.

He said: ‘As long as the US hostile policy and nuclear threat remains unchallenged, the DPRK will never place its self-defensive nuclear deterrence on the negotiating table

Earlier this month, President Donald Trump pledged to answer North Korean aggression with ‘fire and fury’.

North Korea, for its part, threatened to launch missiles toward the American territory of Guam.

Pyongyang today vowed ‘merciless retaliation’ for the exercises, branding both the UK and US as weaker states.

A statement by the state-run Korean Central News Agency branded the US ‘imperialists’ and South Korea as ‘war maniacs’.

‘The US imperialists and the South Korean war maniacs Monday launched Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military drills aimed at a preemptive attack on the DPRK,’ KCNA stated according to Xinhua news agency.

‘Even mercenaries from seven vassal countries, including Australia and the UK, have joined them.

‘The situation on the Korean peninsula has plunged into a critical phase due to the reckless north-targeted war racket of the war maniacs.’

The KCNA also attacked Trump, describing him as a leader who frequently tweets ‘weird articles of his ego-driven thoughts’ and ‘spouts rubbish’ to give his assistants a hard time.

It criticized South Korea’s ‘puppy-like’ defense minister, who it said was ‘running wild’ while relying on the ‘master of the White House.

This came after US military commanders dismissed the calls for Washington and Seoul to pause or downsize their joint military exercises.

The Ulchi Freedom Guardian drills are largely computer-simulated war games held every summer, and this year’s exercise involves 17,500 American troops and 50,000 South Korean soldiers.

No field training like live-fire exercises or tank maneuvering is involved in the drills, in which alliance officers sit at computers to practice how they would engage in battles and hone their decision-making capabilities.


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