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No Diversity: People Are Not Impressed With Victoria’s Secret #WhatIsSexy Campaign

Victoria’s Secret has come under fire after unveiling a new list of ‘inspiring’ people that critics have slammed as overwhelmingly ‘young, white and thin’.

The lingerie brand’s annual What is Sexy? list aims to celebrate the ‘fiercest and most inspiring people in Hollywood’.

Of the 18 women named on the list, which hailed Taylor Swift as ‘sexiest entertainer’ and Lady Gaga as ‘sexiest songstress’, 13 were white.

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It provoked fury among social media users who questioned the lack of diversity on the list, with one posting: ‘I have never seen a brand sabotage itself so gleefully.’

Another wrote: ‘Victoria’s Secret decides to tell you #WhatIsSexy. Note: your odds of getting on this list go up if you’re young, thin, and white.

‘Interesting how brands can do social campaigns so differently when it comes to empowering women,’ another user said.

Though not all of the stars on the list were white – such as actresses Jamie Chung, Olivia Munn and Priyanka Chopra, and model, actress and author Chrissy Tiegen – critics pointed out that everybody named was slim.

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