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Nick Gordon Reconciles With Girlfriend Who Says She Was The Aggressor

Nick Gordon has reconciled with the girl who accused him of pinning her to his bed and beating her for six hours only to withdraw those charges following his arrest.

Laura Leal, 26, went as far as to claim that it was a ‘miracle’ she didn’t end up dead like Gordon’s famous ex-fianceé Bobbi Kristina Brown when she made her allegations public in June.

But, after co-operating with cops at first, she fought to withdraw her charges and petitioned the judge to have the case dismissed in August.

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Now, in an exclusive interview with DailyMailTV she and Gordon, 28, have revealed that they are back together and given a new account of what happened that night in the Sanford, Florida home that Gordon shared with his mother, Michelle.

Sitting next to her boyfriend, Laura admitted: ‘I take full responsibility and that’s why charges were dropped because it really was me [to blame].’

According to Laura – who told cops Gordon had held her hostage in his room and that she could only escape when she grabbed a candlestick, hit him and fled – it was she who was the aggressor in the scenario not Gordon.

She explained: ‘I was very drunk. I was belligerently drunk…I think after hours of arguing we were both just out of our right minds.’

Laura claimed that she had gone to hospital the following morning because she had a concussion but that she had sustained it in a drunken fall.

And in stark contrast to her original claims, receptionist Laura now states that the only true fear she had that night was of herself.

She explained: ‘I was in fear of myself and my own anger and fear of what I can push him to. In fear you know of where our argument and hours of delusional actions, just viciousness, might go.

She added: ‘That’s what I really learned. I have my own issues. It’s me. And Nick has been one of the greatest people in my entire life to work through that with me. I have my own anger issues and the best friend that I have by my side is Nicholas Gordon.’

Laura joined Gordon in what he claimed would be his last interview, given on the eve of a controversial television biopic about Bobbi Kristina airing after her father, Bobby Brown, fought and failed to have it banned.

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