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Nick Cannon Visits A Chicago Jail To Speak To Inmates

Nick Cannon Pays A Visit To A Chicago Jail To Talk To Inmates

By: Eboni Walker

Nick Cannon is doing more this Christmas than just passing out gifts.

This weekend Cannon visited Cook County Department of Corrections in Illinois to speak to inmates incarcerated.

Cannon posed with the men for a picture, which he posted on Instagram.

“Inside with my guys Today! Cook County! In Chicago Trying to bring a few smiles for the holidays. Don’t forget about our family locked down in the system. 🙏🏾✊🏾#Solid,” he wrote as the caption on Instagram.

Cannon has been very vocal about prison reform within the last year.

In April, the Wild ‘n Out star became active with the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program where D.C jail inmates and students from Howard University learned about one another.

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Thus far, more than 150 participants graduated from the program. According to their website, the program strives to educate individuals on how people encounter one another, “especially across profound social barriers, is transformative and allows problems to be approached in new and different ways. Inside-Out’s mission is to create opportunities for people inside and outside of prison to have transformative learning experiences that emphasize collaboration and dialogue and that invite them to take leadership in addressing crime, justice, and other issues of social concern.”

Cannon recognized the student and inmates for their efforts. He was deemed the instructor for the course.

“Many people have so many different opinions about our justice system,” Cannon told a crowd of students inside the jail earlier this year. “Opinions never change history. It’s examples that change history. Everybody in here is an example.”

According to NBC Washington, Cannon served as the master of ceremonies at the ceremony, which took place at the Correctional Treatment Facility in SE DC. He taught one of the courses this spring on social justice and the arts.

The news outlet reported that more than 140 universities had sponsored the program since it began in 1997. The program has reached more than 140 prisons and jails where students meet to learn about the difference of social standings. The program encourages students to “think critically about social injustice” and work together on different projects to better understand the ideology.

As an instructor, Cannon says the program represents the “power to understand reform and the power not to judge people.” He added that he hopes his students will [be] inspired after taking the course.

“We are cut from the same cloth of humanity, and ultimately, it’s not our place to judge, but it’s our place to empower,” he said.

Cannon enrolled as a Howard student in 2016. He took to Instagram to announce the news.

“I am always seeking new challenges and continual growth and decided to obtain my first college degree from an institution that had a proven legacy of producing great minds. I have friends, mentors, and colleagues who attended Howard University. I have heard about the famed Howard Homecoming since I was a kid growing up in California and knew that Howard would be the perfect place for me to further my education.”

The university’s president was proud to have a mogul like Cannon to attend the school.

“Howard University is honored to have Nick Cannon as a member of the Class of 2020,” University President Wayne A.I. Frederick said in a statement. “Howard students embrace our motto of Truth and Service as they pursue their life’s education through the University’s rigorous and dynamic academic and community service programs. We welcome Mr. Cannon.”

During the program’s ceremony, Cannon noted that the director of the Inside-Out program, Bahiyyah Muhammad, inspired him to continue his studies at the university to achieve his Ph.D.

According to its webpage, the historically black university was established in 1867 and has awarded more than 120,000 degrees in the arts, the sciences, and the humanities.

By: Eboni Walker | Web: | Instagram: EboniMWA | Twitter: EboniMWalker