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NFL Chooses Player Who Strangled His Pregnant Girlfriend As Poster Boy

NFL Chooses Player Who Strangled His Pregnant Girlfriend As League’s Newest Poster Boy Despite Launching A Campaign Against Domestic Violence

The NFL is using a player who was sacked from his college team after he strangled his pregnant girlfriend on the league’s Twitter banner following the most recent round of games.

Tyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs became the first rookie to pull off a run, pass reception and kick return hat-trick since Gale Sayers in 1965.

His achievement earned him a place on the banner of the NFL’s Twitter feed – prompting outrage from some fans because he was arrested two years ago for strangling and punching his partner while she was eight weeks pregnant.

He is still on probation after admitting the charge in court in August 2015.


As a result of his success on the field this weekend against the Denver Broncos, the NFL used Hill’s image as their Twitter banner.

However, many fans expressed outrage, especially as the NFL has claimed it is spending $40million in countering domestic violence.

According to the police report, Hill was accused of throwing his girlfriend around ‘like a ragdoll’.

The name of Hill’s girlfriend has been withheld. But the details of the alleged assault are on public record.

The victim said ‘during the altercation, Hill hand punched her in the face, busted her lip, punched her in her stomach and choked her.’


The victim said she began dating Hill around June 2014 and was eight weeks pregnant at the time.

The police report said she was ‘very concerned about her pregnancy due to Hill punching her in the stomach’.

‘[She] said it has happened a few times but it has not been this bad, just a lot of man-handling but Hill has never hit her.’

According to the arresting officer he went to Hill’s house and arrested him for ‘domestic abuse by strangulation’ without incident.

According to the official report, ‘Hill did say he was being arrested for being black and she was white’.

Last year, the NFL announced it was funnelling $5million over a five-year period to the National Domestic Violence Hotline and has donated a further $35million in advertising to anti-violence public service announcements.

¬†Hill was the 165th overall pick in this year’s NFL draft.


On August 21, 2015 he pleaded guilty in Payne County Court room to domestic abuse by strangulation.

He was placed on probation until August 2018 and was ordered to complete an anger management course and pay a $500 fine.

According to USA Today, he also had to complete a year-long program for batterers.

He will escape a felony conviction as long as he avoids trouble until his period of probation ends.


His lawyer Jay Husbands said: ‘He accepted responsibility. He understands what he did, and he addressed the things that needed to be addressed so he can put this situation behind him.’

At the time of his arrest, he was on the Oklahoma State’s football and track teams, but was dismissed after being charged with the offenses.

MailOnline has approached the NFL for a comment.


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