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Why Does The NFL Ask Reporters To Reveal Their Race When They’re Covering The Superbowl?

Citing a change in its “security credentials,” the NFL is now asking reporters who have been assigned to cover the Superbowl to disclose their race.

Photo credits: US News/Getty Images

It seems as though the more time goes on, the more the NFL appears to become less and less accepting of minorities even though the majority of its players are black men.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s whole ordeal showed that the activism he wanted to stand up for (or in his case kneel down) is not something that the “good ol’ boy club” that runs and owns the NFL is particularly interested in. The members of the ruling establishment are about one thing only: The bottom line.

And in their eyes, they showed in a subtle way that bottom line looks a whole lot better when the players inside the league perform what they are paid to do and nothing else. Black players using the NFL’s platform to shed light on social justice causes, such as police brutality, was something that white America wasn’t going for.

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