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Neighbor Calls Cops On Black Man For Rapping Jay-Z Lyrics

A Black Man Has The Police Called On Him For Reciting Jay – Z Lyrics

By: Eboni Walker

In 2018, there are not too many things black people can do without the police being called on them.

In the latest news of these series of events, a Tennessee man has the police called to his home after a nosey neighbor overhears his conversation.

Photo: (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

David Eddington was in his backyard talking to his brother on the phone when the madness occurred.

Eddington told TMZ his brother was in the middle of convincing him to become a fan of the Lakers and NBA Star, LeBron James. “He was like, ‘You’re already a Lakers fan! I was like, ‘I got 99 problems but a b*tch ain’t one,'” which is a popular Jay-Z lyric.

Shortly after, Eddington says he walked to the front of his house and saw the police standing there with his neighbor and guns were drawn.

Before another innocent black man was shot and killed at the hands of police — another officer came rushing around the corner calling off the entire thing.

The officers told Eddington he was a victim of a senseless 911 call. They explained that his neighbor made a call to 911 and told the dispatcher that Eddington was beating his fiance. He reported that he overheard Eddington say he had “99 problems and this b*tch at one.”

It was reported that Eddington’s fiance was upstairs taking a bath when the entire situation happen.

Eddington says that his neighbor has a two-story home, and has a clear view of his backyard. So, he would have been able to see if he was beating anyone.

While he has never formally met his neighbor, he says this is not the first issue he’s had with him.

“Just a couple of week ago, my dog turned up missing, and he had my dog in his backyard,” Eddington said.

When asked why he believes his neighbor has been causing him trouble, Eddington responded: “I’ve never met the guy at all so maybe he doesn’t want me in the neighborhood.”

By: Eboni Walker | Web: | Instagram: EboniMWA | Twitter: EboniMWalker

Source: TMZ

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