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Nanny Takes Client’s Infant Son, Drives To Hotel And Sets Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Car On Fire

Leslie Rosario, 31, is charged with third-degree arson and endangering the welfare of a child.

This story will teach you three things. One, you can’t trust everyone to watch your kids and two, if you must hire someone, please thoroughly check their background, specifically their mental one, and where you hire them from And lastly, hell hath no fury than a woman scorned.  We don’t know what was going sis Rosario’s head when she decided to take a one-year-old child on a road trip to set her ex-boyfriend’s car on fire.

According to the New York Post Bethany Carlson and her husband, Frank Jakoubek,  hired Rosario back in September to watch her one-year-old son three to five days a week. Now, what was going through the young nanny’s head on October 5th, who knows. But that day, New Jersey police say she took little one-year-old Frankie and drove 30 miles to Mahwah, NJ to a Sheraton Hotel, where her ex-boyfriend’s car was parked outside. When she got there, she left little Frankie in the lobby, went outside and torched her ex’s 2010 Mercedes-Benz. The infant was ok.