Naked And Not Afraid: Study Reveals Being Naked Makes You Happier

Does being naked improve your body image?  The Journal of Happiness Studies research says yes it does.


A group of researchers from the University of London took a stark look at the lives of naturists — nudists, to the uninitiated — and discovered what these free folks have long believed: being naked around others makes you feel happier.

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According to Dr. Keon West, this was the first research of its kind. But was it possible that people who were happier with their bodies were more likely to spend time naked, and not that being naked makes you happier?

In two more experiments, the researchers went to two naturist events in the UK, to explore the idea further.

At both events, participants were asked about their feelings just before getting naked and at the end of the event before they put their clothes back on.

In both cases participants experienced immediate and significant improvements in body-image, self-esteem and life satisfaction.

The study, published in the Journal of Happiness Studies, revealed that people who shed their clothes around strangers shed other things as well: notably their stress, and their hang-ups about their body.

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