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Muhammad Ali’s Daughter Responds To Reports Of Family Feud

Muhammad Ali’s Daughter Denies Family Is Feuding Over Late Father’s Will Where His Widow Will Receive Double The Inheritance Awarded To His Children.

Muhammad Ali‘s daughter has hit back at claims the family are at war over the boxing legend’s $80 million estate.

The Kentucky native died aged 74 last June, leaving his vast fortune to be divided between his widow Lonnie and his nine children. But insiders claimed the family were locked in a bitter feud after it was revealed that Lonnie is due to receive double the $6 million inheritance awarded his kids.

Sources claimed many of the children – who they claimed hated each other anyway – were left ‘seething.’

But Maryum ‘May May’ Ali, his oldest daughter with Belinda Boyf, hit out at the claims calling them ‘untrue.’

‘My father raised me and my siblings to love each other and that is exactly who we are,’ she exclusively told the DailyMail.com. ‘Very loving people. We are not in any feuds with each other or with our stepmother, Lonnie.


‘It’s unfortunate that there is someone out there submitting stories with so many untrue statements.

‘We try to ignore these articles, but they seem to be never ending, which is sad because I know I have some wonderful siblings that simply want to live peaceful lives.’

‘The terms of the Trust is confidential and is not the business of the public.’


‘They didn’t like her [Lonnie] before their dad passed away accusing her of preventing them from seeing him,’ the supposed insider told the Mirror. ‘Once money is in the bank it looks like they will cut all ties with each other but not before their true feelings are aired.’

Ali’s seven daughters and two sons have reportedly been left about $6million each in the settlement.

Sources had claimed the family were simply maintaining a truce since their father’s death in June last year in a bid not to jeopardize their share of Ali’s multi-million dollar fortune.


Ali’s brother Rahman will not receive any more from the settlement given their well-documented feud.

The family source said it wasn’t just the inheritance that had left the family ‘seething’ – the way the funeral was conducted has been a sore point between the family’s Muslim and non-Muslim followers.

They were said to be angry that Ali wasn’t buried within 48 hours of his death and that the likes of Mike Tyson, Lenox Lewis and Will Smith acted as pallbearers for Ali’s funeral instead of his own sons.

However, Maryum Ali insisted that she and her siblings had ‘loved the beautiful funeral and memorial services’ where tens of thousands had turned out to say goodbye to the legend of the boxing world.


But, as they continue to mourn the loss of their father, Ali said some were focused on spreading lies about the grieving family.

‘It is painfully obvious to all of us that there are some people out there who are very obsessed with feeding the media false stories about our family, ‘ she told us.

The boxer’s son, Muhammad Ali Jnr, had earlier alluded to the fact the family was locked in a bitter feud over the fortune.

He revealed he and his seven sisters were locked in a row with brother Asaad who was adopted by his father and Lonnie in 1986.


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