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Mother Left Scarred After Violent Ex-Boyfriend BRANDED Her With An Iron

Mother Left Scarred After Violent Ex-Boyfriend BRANDED Her With An Iron Because She Asked Him To Help Clean Up

A mother has recalled the horrifying moment her abusive partner branded her with an iron after an argument about the washing up.

Kerry Hines, 31, from Birmingham, West Midlands, was horrified when she was attacked by her boyfriend after he became controlling fixated on her every move.

The attack left Kerry hospitalized and she bravely reported him to police seeing him convicted and sentenced to 20 weeks in prison.

Kerry and her then partner Paul had only met on a couple of occasions when she fell pregnant.


Deciding to keep the baby Paul agreed to support them both and their daughter Shanay was born in April 2012.

Kerry admits that initially the birth of Shanay helped bring them closer together.

She said: ‘His daughter was four weeks old when Paul met her for the first time. I felt my heart swell with love when I watched him cradle little Shanay.’

Paul’s visits became more frequent and in September when their daughter was five months old he moved in with them.

Kerry added: ‘It felt strange sharing my home with Paul after coping on my own for so long but I had to admit it was handy having an extra pair of hands around the house.


‘He got to work redecorating the kitchen and living room and he was a brilliant dad to Shanay. Finally, I felt like a proper family.’

However, Paul’s benevolent attitude didn’t last long and soon his behaviour switched to controlling .

He began to ring Kerry constantly to quiz her about her location. She explained: ‘I’d only popped out to the shops to pick up some bits for dinner but Paul accused me of getting up to all sorts.’

Initially Kerry tried to look past his worrying behaviour but quickly it became harder to ignore.

She continued: ‘At first I’d been flattered by Paul’s attention. I thought he called all the time because he cared.


‘But after a while I came to realise he was jealous and possessive and after he’d had a drink, Paul became aggressive and began lashing out too.’

Determined to take control once more Kerry insisted that Paul moved out but he would find ways to wangle his way back in.

She said: ‘I’d pack Paul’s things in a bag and kick him out, only for him to come crawling back with his tail between his legs.

‘Soon, he’d worm his way back in and the cycle of behaviour started again. Paul’s jealous temper would get the better of him, I’d kick him out, only to relent and take him back when he promised things would be different.’

In August 2015 Kerry was making a cup of tea in the kitchen while Paul had been ironing a jumper before visiting the bank.

Kerry said: ‘I said: “Don’t forget to get that money out for me when you go to the bank. That washing up needs doing too.”

‘Paul didn’t say a word, but the next thing I knew, I felt a searing pain on my back.’


Kerry cried out in pain turning to see Paul holding the iron in his hand which was still plugged in.

Amazingly Paul tried to protest his innocence telling Kerry he had never touched her.

Kerry said:’I ran to the living room and peered in the mirror. I could see my raw, burning flesh though a hole in my dressing gown.

‘It had cut right through it, burning through the fabric of my pyjama top too. My boyfriend had branded me.

‘I was horrified as I realised Paul had deliberately thrust the iron at me. The pain was immense.’

Kerry says that Paul continued to claim that it was an accident and told her he ‘just wanted to see what would happen.’

After he burn began to blister Kerry tried to visit the doctor but Paul begged her not to go worrying what doctors would ask.

She said: ‘For the next two days, Paul didn’t let me out of his sight. But two days after he’d branded me, he went to work – and I seized my chance.’

Kerry put a phone call into the police explaining what had happened.

She continued: ‘I was terrified. I just didn’t know what Paul would do next. Thankfully, officers caught up with Paul at his mum’s house and arrested him.


‘He refused to plead guilty, forcing the case to go to trial. I was gobsmacked when he tried to claim that I’d been upstairs ironing some jeans when I leaned over, knocked the ironing board and sent the ironing crashing down on my back.

‘Thankfully the judge saw through his pathetic lies and convicted him of assault by beating.’

Paul was sentenced at Birmingham Magistrates Court in February to 20 weeks in prison and handed a £250 fine as well as a two-year restraining order.

Although Paul is no longer in Kerry’s life she admits that he has left emotional as well as physical scars.

She added: ‘Now, I’m moving on without him. I find it hard to trust men and I’m single now. I’d rather be on my own with someone like Paul though.

‘I’m trying to put what happened behind me but I’m scarred for life and every time I look in the mirror I’ve got a permanent reminder of Paul, and the day I was branded by my boyfriend.’


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