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Morning Sex May Be The Best Alarm Clock To Have

Morning sex may be the only cup of coffee that you need in the morning

Having a little morning sex can be all a person needs to have the most productive day. While some may fray away from this due to bad morning breathe, there are some positions that will allow you to avoid this uncomfortable factor. Whether you want to be less stressed, get ahead start at work or be healthier overall, adding morning sex to your routine may be the answer.

“Instead of reaching for their smart devices, people had their morning coffee, took a shower, or even had morning sex on their most productive days.”

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According to the Mattress Advisor, to help unravel some of the finer points of a more sensual morning routine, they surveyed nearly 1,000 people who are in a relationship and living with their partner. They asked multiple questions,  “if having sex in the morning made them feel more productive, how much sleep they would give up if it meant a roll between the sheets, and how relationship satisfaction relates to getting passionate in the morning.”

According to the study, 53% of male-identified and 45% of female-identified participants said morning sex made them feel more productive. The study also found men were more willing to sacrifice sleep time and get up 41.5 minutes earlier to have sex versus women who were willing to get up 30.7 minutes earlier.

“Instead of reaching for their smart devices, people had their morning coffee, took a shower, or even had morning sex on their most productive days.”

Sex health experts say more intimate activity can lead to a better immune system, lower blood pressure, better bladder control, and a lower risk for a heart attack. Reports that were also done show that alarm clocks and repeatedly hitting the ‘snooze’ button can throw off a person’s sleeping habits. Therefore, experts are suggesting that people should be woken up by sex instead.

In a survey asked 992 people, Mattress Advisor compared days when people are most productive, compared to days when they are not. The steps these individuals took on there most productive day is displayed below.

  1. Use the bathroom
  2. Have a cup of coffee
  3. Take a shower
  4. Have sex with your partner
  5. Check phone
  6. Exercise
  7. Brush Teeth
  8. Eat breakfast
  9. Take care of your pet
  10. Drink Water

Instead of reaching for their smart devices, people had their morning coffee, took a shower, or even had morning sex on their most productive days

Dr. Justin Lehmiller, a Research Fellow at the Kinsey Institute, suggests that more scientific research has made a connection between nighttime sex and elevated happiness, satisfaction, and engagement in the workplace. “Based on these findings, it seems reasonable to predict that morning sex would have similar effects,” Lehmiller tells Bustle. “We would need a scientific study to know for sure, but I don’t see a reason to suspect that the effects of morning sex would be any different than evening sex in terms of how we feel at work.”

Lehmiller notes that two possible explanations for the phenomenon are; The effects of sex hormones and neurotransmitters like oxytocin and dopamine stick around even after the act is over, and/or, we’re better equipped to focus at work when we start our days with stress-reducing sex.

It has always been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because mornings can greatly impact our days. Some individuals may find that sharing a few intimate minutes with their partner creates the foundation for a happy, productive day. However, there are others who may feel better after a workout or proper breakfast. More than 51% of men who typically don’t have morning sex, wish it was apart of their regular routine. Nearly 35% of these men said partner wasn’t in the mood, whereas, another 28% said their partners wanted more sleep instead.

According to Mattress Advisor, people who are more satisfied with their relationship typically have more morning more than individuals who are not so happy. However, the main idea is to find the best routine that creates the most productive day for yourself.

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