Mom Tasered Her 5-Year-Old Son For Getting In Trouble At School

A Texas woman was arrested after her five-year-old son told police that she tasered him in November 2016 for ‘getting in trouble at school’.

Whitney White was charged on Monday with injury to a child.

The 27-year-old was initially being investigated after her now six-year-old son was seen with bruises on his face, welts on his body and a cut on his arm.

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White told Houston police that his bruises were caused by a slap to the face. She also said she hit him ‘too forceful’ with a belt, according to KPRC.

Court documents indicate White said she became frustrated with her son because he refused to study his school work.

She reportedly told investigators that the smack to the face came after he told her ‘no’, which White said was a ‘sign of disrespect’.

But while police were investigating the July incident, her son told officers that his mom used a Taser on him last November.

‘I was five years old when the defendant tased me on my arm because I got in trouble at school. From zero to 10, it hurt 10,’ the child said, according to court documents.

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