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Mom Starts “CPR Parties” To Spread The Word And Save Lives

A Maryland mother is hosting “CPR Parties” to help teach CPR to members of her community so they can feel confident and prepared in the case of an emergency.

Laura Metro, 42, told ABC News that the parties — which feature finger food and music–are her way of making learning the life-saving resuscitation technique fun.

“People don’t want to think being in these situations. They don’t want to think about their loved ones dying,” Metro said. “So it helps to kind of couch it a little bit.”

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Metro said she made it her mission to spread CPR awareness after her son almost drowned at a local pool in 2011 and was saved by a family friend who performed what CPR he knew on her son, who was three-years-old at the time.


“He wasn’t breathing,” Metro said of the incident, saying that even though he has since made a full recovery, every night when she puts him to sleep she still listens for his breath.

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