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Mom Shares Teacher’s Note Complaining About Her Daughter’s ‘Stinky’ Hair

Chicago mom says teacher told her to use less ‘stinky’ coconut oil on her young daughter’s hair – and lied about the girl being bullied to cover up her own prejudices

A black mom from Chicago says that her daughter’s teacher lied about the girl being bullied for using ‘stinky’ coconut oil in her hair because she objected to the smell herself.

On Monday Tionna Norris posted a photo on Facebook of a letter that she said came from her daughter Amia’s teacher at the Raggedy Anne Learning Center in Elmhurst, Illinois, warning that ‘The children were complaining that her hair “stinks.”‘

‘If you have to apply this daily – please do so lightly, so the kid’s (sic) don’t tease her,’ the letter from the Raggedy Anne Learning Center read.

Norris accompanied the Facebook picture with a photo of her daughter and a comment promising to continue applying the same amount of oil.

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