Mom Donates Over 1,000 Ounces Of Breast Milk To Babies Affected By Hurricanes

A mom who wanted to help storm victims did so in a very personal way: by sending babies her breast milk after Hurricane Harvey.

Danielle Palmer of Owensville, Missouri, had an excess in frozen storage because her six-month-old son Truett’s complex congenital heart defect prevented him from consuming her milk.

Palmer told ABC News, “Truett has had eight surgeries, and over time my [freezer] stash … continued to build.”

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Earlier this month, Palmer sent more than 1,000 ounces of breast milk to Texas to help babies and moms affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Palmer, 31, found out about milk sharing though her son’s speech therapist, Nicole Edwin, the president of the nonprofit Guiding Star Mid-Missouri.

Edwin and midwife Terina Knarr loaded up the nearly 8 gallons of fully frozen breast milk in a deep freezer loaded with special ice and drove it themselves to Texas, Palmer said.

“Once there the milk was given out to mothers and babies as needed.”

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