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Mom Desperate For Help To Find Missing Teen Daughter & Husband After A Week

UPDATE: ‘Anything. Any kind of leads. I’ll take anything,’ said Tanya Tripp.  Tripp’s 16 year-old daughter (an honor student) Latonia Janelle Carwell and her husband Leon Tripp, the girls step dad have both been missing for more than a week.

Tanya Tripp is praying for her daughter to return after she disappeared on her 16th birthday in the middle of the night with her step-dad.

In an interview on News 12 NBC 26 Tripp talking about what went on that night. ‘I heard the truck crank up and I heard the backdoor slam. I said what in the world is this man doing,’ said Tripp.  Then she quickly called her husband.

‘He immediately answered and he said babe I’m sorry. I know what you are fixing to say. I have Janelle. I said oh thank God,’ said Tripp.

Her husband told her he was taking her daughter to help him fix a man named ‘Maurice’s’ car in Clarks Hill, GA.

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