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Missouri Dad Gets Tattoo To Match Son’s Burn Scars

A Missouri dad has gone the extra mile to make his 9-year-old son feel better about the scars the boy suffered in an accident: a tattoo that matches little Landon Thomas’ scars.

In 2016, Thomas accidentally fell into a bonfire at home and badly burned his right leg and foot, his father, Joel Thomas, told ABC News.

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“At first, he had to wear compression socks to help him heal and even after, he wore long socks to hide [the scars],” said Thomas, 31, of Festus, Missouri.

To give his son a boost of confidence, Mr. Thomas put in an application to the show Ink Master on the Spike network, with the intention of matching the marks.

Two weeks ago, an episode of Thomas receiving his tattoo with Landon by his side aired.

A spokeswoman for Spike told ABC News that Thomas was tattooed by Ink Master competitors Jessy Knuckles and Allisin Riot, employees of Pinz and Needlez tattoo shop in Maryland.

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