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Michael Baisden: Express Your Feelings Freely!

Michael Baisden Commentary: On Vulnerability And Expressing Your Feelings

Women often hesitate to share their feelings because they don’t want to scare the man away. And some men don’t acknowledge their feelings at all fearing they will be vulnerable. But not giving your feelings an outlet is a form of miscommunication. And that’s never good.

My advice is to just let it all hang out from day one! Besides if you’re not honest about your feelings in the beginning of the relationship it’s probably doomed anyway, right?

If you FEEL like you want to be in a committed relationship, SPEAK UP! Don’t bite your tongue and wake up two or three years from now still in a casual and sexual relationship.

If you FEEL like you just want to have a sexual relationship with no strings attached, SAY IT! Don’t continue to create sexual and chemical bonds with your partner and allow them to live in a cloud of uncertainty. It’s not fair and it’s bad karma!