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Men Who Swapped Wives On Reality Show Admit They Preferred Their New Spouses  

3c05f06600000578-4105810-image-m-18_1484063782332Two men who voluntarily switched spouses as a unique form of couples therapy have admitted that they are drawn to their temporary wives’ traits and sometimes question what their lives would be like with someone else.

Aaron and Heather swapped partners with Tony and Liliya on the premiere of the FYI reality series Seven Year Switch, and both Tony and Aaron reveal on this Tuesday night’s episode that they already feel connected to their new wives.

‘My new experimental spouse has drive, ambition, career goals, and I wish that my real spouse had all of those traits,’ Aaron admits in a preview clip from the episode.

‘I think it’s normal and natural to wonder what it would be like in another relationship or be with someone else,’ he adds.

In the clip, Aaron and Liliya are enjoying dinner and drinks together when he asks her what she thought of him at first glance.

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3c05f05500000578-4105810-image-a-22_1484063831110Liliya says she could tell that he is confident, in shape, and driven, and he agrees that she is driven as well.

Aaron runs his own business and Liliya is an ER doctor, and they both agree that they wish their real-life partners would find careers that they are passionate about.

‘We want them to be that kind of driven because they could be really really good at whatever they point that energy into,’ Aaron notes

Liliya is all smiles at dinner, and when they are about to leave, Aaron playfully encourages her to chug her martini — which she does.

And while they wish their spouses were more driven, Tony and Heather bond over how they feel unappreciated by Liliya and Aaron.

3c05f04800000578-4105810-image-m-38_1484064357013‘It’s hard because I am married to someone who has a career that he loves, but I feel like there are a lot of things I could do and that I could make a decent living but it’s hard for me to figure out exactly what I want,’ Heather explains whileTony makes her dinner.

Heather works three jobs and takes care of all the household duties and Tony is a student, who also is responsible for all the cooking and cleaning in his own home.

‘Oh, yeah. I can relate to that,’ Tony agrees. ‘I don’t need direction and to pin point; I just need emotional support, you know?

‘I think that’s like a huge issue for me that I am not really getting from her.’

Tony is making her spaghetti and meatballs, and it is obvious that Heather appreciates having someone spoil her for a change.

3c05f07900000578-4105810-image-m-32_1484064004912Meanwhile, he is just happy that Heather truly appreciates him making dinner for her.

‘I do feel connected with Heather now on a pretty deep emotional level,’ he tells the cameras. ‘She’s grateful that I took the time to cook and she actually wants to help me and actually spend some time with me.

‘Being with Heather is definitely different from being with Liliya,’ he confesses. ‘Sometimes it does cross my mind [to question] if Liliya was the right person for me.’

Meanwhile,  Kelsey and Dustin are having a little too much fun away from their real-life spouses, James and Jaclyn.

In another clip published by Us Weekly, Kelsey boldly asks her temporary husband if he is ‘open to a new relationship’.

‘Like what if you started having feelings for me or vice versa, you know?’ she asks.

3c05f62c00000578-4105810-concerns_kelsey_is_worried_that_she_and_her_new_spouse_dustin_ar-a-88_1484064883892And Dustin doesn’t deny that being a possibility; however, he notes that for that to happen, ‘it would have to be later’ when they are no longer nervous around each other.

Kelsey blushes and takes a sip of her drink, and notes that this unconventional experiment is ‘going to be crazy’.

‘I am in such a vulnerable place with James right now, and so coming in and meeting Dustin, it is just very overwhelming because you never know what could happen,’ she tells the cameras. A connection could form between us, we could have feelings for each other.’

During their wild dinner, Dustin urges Kelsey to chug her drink while he finishes his beer, and she insists that she ‘cannot chug wine’.

However, Dustin, whose drinking has become an issue for his wife Jaclyn, has no problem taking down his beer.

‘I think James would think Dustin is a tool,’ Kelsey admits. ‘But at the same time I like the bad boy, and I like the dirty adventure.’


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