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Medical Examiners Says The Death Of A Woman Due To Illegal Butt Injections Was Homicide

A Medical Examiner Has Ruled A Woman’s Heart Attack As Homicide

By: Eboni Walker

A Philadelphia has died from illegal butt injections, and medical examiners are ruling it a homicide.

According to the New York Post, forty-nine-year-old Lesbia Ayala got illegal butt enhancement shots in the Bronx, New York. The botched enhancement was done by a black-market beautician who has served time in prison for her previous illegal injections.

Ayala was found having a heart attack in her Castle Hill home on June 17th. She was reportedly transferred to Jacobi Medical Center, where she later died.

This week, police announced that Ayala’s passing had been ruled a homicide. The medical examiner claims Ayala’s heart attack came from “systemic silicone embolism syndrome from the cosmetic silicone injections of buttocks and thighs.”

Woman dies from butt injections, doctors rule it as homicide Photo: 123Rf

New York Daily News reported that if the injections are not “done by a properly trained and licensed physician, silicone injections can cause embolisms that can stop a patient’s heart.”

Sources close to the case reported that Ayala had received butt injections in the past as well.

Officials have not announced that Whalesca Castillo gave Ayala the shot that led to her death. But they did confirm that Castillo was in the room where Ayala had her heart attack. Therefore, she has not yet been arrested or charged in Ayala’s death.

According to Newsweek, Castillo’s record goes back to 2009. Court documents show that Castillo imported 21 gallons of liquid silicone from the Dominican Republic. She reportedly charges clients $1,000 to inject their butts with the illegal silicone and sealing their open wounds with Krazy Glue.

If any of her clients experienced leakage after the procedure, she encouraged them not to seek medical help.

According to the New York Daily News, one of her clients reached out for help because she was experiencing difficulties. Castillo reportedly directed her to, “Buy some crazy glue and put it on,” through text message.

“We don’t believe that she will stop what she’s doing,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Sarah said during a 2014 hearing.

It was stated that this was Castillo’s “main source of income.”

Castillo was arrested in January of 2011 for her black marker work. She was released on a $100,000 bail in September of that year. She served time in jail from two botched butt enhancements in 2012. She also pleaded for leniency through an interpreter in court. “I want to work and do something for which my family and children can be proud,” she said.
She was given 12 months in prison after pleading guilty of her charges.
One year after she was released, she started her illegal practice again. The FBI received a complaint about an operation she had done. When authorities went to the home of her and her brothers, they found 58 empty bottles of silicone, eight reusable syringes and 13 rolls of duct tape.
Castillo was then caught giving butt enhancements while she was still on supervised release. She was reportedly in the home of a woman who she’d convinced to let her practice on.
Castillo served time in prison for her procedures yet again. During her second sentencing, she pleaded for leniency again.
New York Daily News reported Castillo’s lawyer Robert Osuna attempted to seek sympathy for her through tragedies that occurred in her life.
“My clients’ eldest son, Juandy Paredes, aged 17, was murdered,” he wrote in a letter to the judge. “Whatever sentence this court deems appropriate, I ask this court to make psychiatric counseling a continued condition of any supervised release imposed. Ms. Castillo’s recent years have been one tragedy after another.”
Castillo was released from prison four years ago.

By: Eboni Walker | Web: | Instagram: EboniMWA | Twitter: EboniMWalker

Source: Newsweek, The New York Post