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Mary J. Blige Opens Up About Going Natural For Her Role In ‘Mudbound’

The hip-hop and R&B queen of the century shared details about her experience as an actress in the Netflix original film.

Photo credits: Netflix

Grammy Award-winning singer Mary J. Blige (pictured) recently interviewed with New York Magazine and talked about playing the role of Florence Jackson on the Netflix-produced Mudbound.

The 47-year-old entertainer told the magazine that she had to make some adjustments in order to portray the role of a sharecropper’s wife during the peak of the Jim Crow era. One of the biggest adjustments Blige had to make was in the hair and makeup department. She had to go with a more natural look to play Mrs. Jackson.

“I’m Mary J. Blige. I mean, like, this is what I do. I wear wigs, I wear bob wigs, and I had to completely strip down to my own natural hair texture, which I’ve always been afraid of,” Blige said in her exclusive interview with New York Magazine. Dee Rees, the director of Mudbound, prepared Blige for her impactful role in a major way.