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Man Pleas For His Mistress And Wife To Get Along And Says He Should Be Rewarded For Working Hard


Usually when a spouse is up to no good, the very last thing they want is for anyone to know about it. But Lonnie Turner, from Houston, Texas, has raised eyebrows by posting a very public plea for his wife and mistress to get along on Facebook. The married father shared a photo of his wife Tammy M. Arrington-Turner alongside his mistress Helen Yancy.

‘These two better learn to get along,’ he said. ‘I work extremely hard, and I think I deserve to have everything my little heart desires. Why have a cake & can’t eat it??? I want multiple cakes‼️’

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imageHis very direct post has been shared 647 times and divided followers, some of whom were outraged by his frank admission about cheating on his wife, who he often praises in gushing posts on Facebook.

On Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW) he frequently makes a point of praising her, recently writing: ‘My WCW sure is sexy! I’m glad I married her. She has three kids, and her body still looks better than some people 20 years younger than her.

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