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Man Has To Gain Approval Of Wife & Her Sisters Before Buying A House

Couples Relationship Is Under Pressures As Man Is Given Three Weeks To Find His Partner’s Dream Home And Meet The Approval Of Her And Her Four Demanding Sisters.

Finding the perfect home all by yourself is a big enough task, but one man had to please not only his very demanding future wife, but also her extremely opinionated sisters.

Dan Thatcher from Ramsgate, Kent took on the challenge of finding his partner Shantelle Ma’s dream home for the Watch TV show Honey I Bought The House.

However, he also had to satisfy her sisters Mandy, Rita, China and Shanade who claim to be the ‘Kardashians of Kent’ who didn’t want Shantelle living any further than 10 minutes away.

They couple were set to receive $16,000 from the show towards their deposit if Dan found a house Shantelle would agree to move into, but his main obstacle was her sisters whom he admitted are ‘a bit hands on at times’.

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In the show, Dan, a car salesman, and Shantelle, 31, an office administrator, explain that they’ve put their wedding on hold to find a dream house, while her sisters have a list of demands they want fulfilled.

‘If we can get a garden big enough, then we can hold the wedding reception at the house,’ one sibling asserts, although Shantelle is not keen on the suggestion.

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