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Man Forced To Pay Child Support For A Kid That Isn’t His

Oklahoma Law Forces Man To Pay Child Support Even Though He Is Not The Father Of The Child.

Thanks to an Oklahoma law a Tulsa man is paying child support even though paternity tests proved he is not the father.

Thomas married his high school girlfriend after she got pregnant and had a paternity test done when the marriage didn’t work out. The paternity test was done when the child was three years old which was one year after the state of Oklahoma’s cutoff for paternity disputes. According to news reports, Oklahoma law deems the presumed father to be the legal father once a child turns two years old.

A judge originally absolved Thomas of responsibility in the paternity dispute but later changed the decision citing Oklahoma’s law.

The man is now being forced to pay $500 a month in child support and $15,000 in back support for a child that is not his.

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