Man Arrested For Killing Sister’s Boyfriend Over An Argument Over Hot Pockets

A man has been sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of shooting his sister’s boyfriend over an argument about Hot Pockets.

Nathaniel Mathis was jailed over killing 34-year-old Rodney Benton outside a house on Polar Rock Road in Atlanta on June 11, 2016.

Authorities said, prior to the shooting, Mathis asked his sister and Benton to buy him some pepperoni Hot Pockets while they were at the store, WXIA reports.

When they got to the store it was out, and Mathis’ sister and Benton tried to use Nathaniel’s EBT card to pay for other food.

Nathaniel and his sister had agreed to let her use the benefits card as compensation for rent, but it did not work when she got to the register because the PIN had been changed.

Mathis’ sister and Benton were forced to leave the store empty handed, and she called her brother on the drive home to argue about what happened.

The Fulton County District Attorney said Nathaniel was still furious when his sister got home, and he ‘approached the SUV’ after it pulled up in the driveway.

WXIA reports Mathis walked up to the passenger side of the SUV, where Benton was sitting, and said: ‘you know what’s going on’.

He then shot the 34-year-old eight times.

Mathis then fled the scene and hid from police in a nearby park, authorities said, before he was shirtless and pointing a gun at his head.

There was a stand-off between Mathis and officers for several hours, but he was ultimately taken into custody after being shot with a bean bag gun.

Prior to being arrested, he handed a woman in the park a note to give to his sister.

The message was: ‘I just snapped. I love her and didn’t mean for it to happen this way.’

A Fulton County jury found Mathis guilty, and he was sentenced by the court to life in prison plus ten years.

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