‘We love our son’: Parents Of Alleged Tampa Serial Killer Break Silence

‘We love our son’: Parents of alleged Tampa serial killer who shot dead four people over 51 days speak out in his defense

The parents of the alleged serial killer who shot dead four people in Tampa, Florida have spoken out to say that they do not understand why their son has been accused.

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Rosita Donaldson and Emanuel Donaldson were flanked by their attorney during a press conference about their son, 24-year-old Howell ‘Trai’ Donaldson III.

At the conference attended by the Tampa Bay Times, Emanuel said: ‘We’re here to support our son through this.’

Rosita told the assembled reporters: ‘I felt devastation for the families when it first started, and I prayed for those families when it first started and then, when they arrested my son I felt devastation because I love my son.’

The parents described their son as a hardworking young man with many friends, ABC News reports.

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