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[VIDEO] ‘I love inspiring people’: 16-Year-Old Blind Pianist Is Being Hailed The Next Stevie Wonder

‘I love inspiring people’: Talented 16-year-old blind pianist who taught himself to play the instrument at age three is now being hailed as the next Stevie Wonder

A blind 16-year-old boy with an incredible talent for the piano is being hailed by some as the new Stevie Wonder.

Matthew Whitaker, from Hackensack, New Jersey, was born without sight, but from a very young age was drawn to the keyboard.

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Meeting a hero: Matthew’s abilities have seen him compared to the Motown legend, who he even had the chance to open for

Prodigy: Matthew Whitaker, 16, from Hackensack, New Jersey, has been compared to Stevie Wonder after proving himself an incredible pianistThe young instrumentalist was featured on the Today show as a part of the program’s Boys Changing the World series, where he explained to Savannah Guthrie how he taught himself to play from the age of just three.

Soon enough, he was tinkling the ivories in front of enraptured audiences who couldn’t believe the pure talent pouring out of such a young man.

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