I Love A Good Challenge, What About You?

Michael Baisden Commentary: I Love A Good Challenge, What About You?

We all have issues, myself included. The goal is to avoid having the same issues over and over again! Those are the ones that stunt your growth. So, when I post my opinion about a particular issue I’m challenging you to tell me what you think, I’m not interested in being right!


Too often the people we look up to offer their opinion about life, God, relationships, etc.… but rarely do they open the floor for rebuttals. What I enjoy most about being on the radio and speaking at seminars is that the mic was always open for anyone who disagreed.


It’s easy to read a script or speak as if you have all the answers if no one is challenging your point of view.


As for me, I love a good debate – whether it’s politics, religion, relationships, or sports. Yes, I’m a San Antonio Spurs fan while most of you are probably rooting for Golden State.  Now I know that’s going to start a debate.