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Loni Love Is Off The Market As She Reveals Her New Boo On ‘The Real’

Loni Love Reveals Her New Man Who Fans Call A Vanilla King

By: Brianna Wigfall

Loni Love has been dating actor James Welsh for some time now and after keeping things private, it’s been confirmed that she is in a relationship. Back in May, there were suspicions of Love dating after she posted a photo holding hands with a man on her Instagram story. She didn’t reveal his face until August in which she said the two were going on their first date saying, “This is for Tamera.”

Loni admits that at first Welsh ‘Ghosted her and she didn’t know if the relationship would go anywhere. “I was seeing somebody and we were talking and we were just [talking] on the telephone first. And for two weeks he didn’t contact me and I was done with it because I put it out my mind and then he popped back up but it wasn’t an ‘I miss you’ text it was just like, ‘hey what are you doing?’ and I was like really what were you doing?”

Loni says despite there rocky start she let him back in her life and her co-host were surprised to know the man she was referring to is James.

“Did you let him back in your life Loni?” Jennie Mai asked.

“Oh yeah,” Loni said. “We date now that’s who I’m talking about. That’s why you have to get to know somebody and you have to give them a chance.”

“I am shocked right now,” Adrienne said. “and almost appalled because I really like James.”

Jennie Mai breaks the ice and says, “James is the white man that’s on Loni’s Instagram.”

Adrienne continues by saying, “We love James we think James is the sweetest guy and I’m just having a hard time believing that James ghosted you in the beginning. This actually makes me reconsider things because he’s such a good guy.”

Loni says if the relationship holds out, in 2019 she will bring James on the show to tell everyone why he ghosted her in the beginning. It appears that the two have become very acquainted as she refers to him as uncle James in mostly all her post with him. Everyone knows that Loni loves the kids and she has basically taken on the auntie role of Tamera’s kids Ariah and Aden.

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Happy birthday Uncle James!!!!!

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Dr. Drew also came on the real to share his encounter with James and said he didn’t know the two were dating when the pair attended his birthday party.

“I heard you actually met him at your birthday roast in September,” Adrienne said to Dr. Drew.

“I did,” he said. “She did not introduce him as her boyfriend. I thought he was Shane’s friend I didn’t realize he was your friend, great guy.”

Adrienne points out that in the 5 seasons of ‘The Real’ Loni has never talked about being in a relationship. Loni is usually open about her dating situations in which she has previously been married and even dated a 23-year-old that she revealed on the Ellen show back in 2014. Love also revealed on ‘The Real’ in 2013 that she got out of her marriage because she wanted to focus on her comedy career.

During her hiatus from relationships, Loni explained she was a ‘Satisfied Single’ to The Jasmine Brand.

“I’m what you call a satisfied single,” she said. “I don’t want to give any trip reports when I come home. I like having peace and quiet in my life and I am perfectly happy in my relationships.”

“I will never say never but I can tell you right now – I am perfectly happy with being who I am,” she continues. “I just, I really, I’m an entertainer and the thing that I’d decided to work on was my career and I decided the energy that I was putting in certain relationships I was really kind of wasting my time and I knew it. So I said I would take that energy and put it into my career. And now look – I’m on a talk show, I have a book that I wrote – I mean, it takes concentration for those things but it happened. So, It’s not that, I’ll never say never, but right now, I enjoy my life, I truly do enjoy being single and I don’t really want to get married.”

Well, it looks like Loni Love will live up to her name as she no longer the ‘satisfied single’.

Source: The Real, Loni’s Instagram, The Jasmine Brand, Getty Images