How Long Can You Keep Thanksgiving Leftovers Like Turkey, Pie and Wine?

How long can you keep Thanksgiving leftovers? We break down the shelf life of each dish – and how to store them

Thanksgiving may be over, but the leftovers are ready to take the spotlight.

It may be too soon to think about eating again, after a day of indulging in turkey, pie, sweetened yams, and anything else you could cram in.

But for many, the dishes left behind are an entirely separate phenomenon.

Indeed, the legendary Thanksgiving sandwich took a starring role in a Friends episode, in which Ross waxed lyrical about including a ‘moist maker’ – a slice of bread dipped in gravy.

That said, adding food poisoning to your hangover is not the ideal way to spend a holiday weekend.

However you want to consume them, it’s best to be aware of each dish’s shelf life.

Here, we have broken down the longevity of the top Thanksgiving dishes based on guidelines from the US Agriculture Department.

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