LOL-Video: Woman Cries Racism For Not Being Able To Order Fries…At Taco Bell😂

Woman starts crying and blames RACISM for not being able to order French fries at Taco Bell…despite them not being on the menu

A video shows the moment a woman has a breakdown and blames racism when she is told she cannot order French fries at Taco Bell.

The white woman approaches the counter and tries to order a medium French fries, but the employee tells her they don’t serve them. She responds by saying at Burger King they sell fries, and the server explains that it isn’t Burger King.

‘This is Taco Bell, see?’ the server says, pointing to the menu.

The girl then says: ‘How many French fry orders do you have?’ and the server responds: ‘We don’t have French fries.’

The employee tries to show the girl the menu, but then she turns to the person filming and says: ‘This is racism at its f*****g finest.’

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