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Little Girl Becomes Sole Family Caregiver Because Of Absentee Parents

5-Year-Old Little Girl Becomes Sole Caregiver For Her Grandma And Great-Grandma After Father Was Jailed And Mother Remarried.

We all known that how strong the bond between a mother and a daughter is, and not to mention one that crosses generations and beyond.

Wang Anna, a five-year-old girl, is living in a faraway mountain in Zunyi city of south-west China, with her long-term ill grandmother and a 92-year-old great grandmother.

A reporter visited the young girl and discovered the touching story of Anna and her grandmas.

When Anna was three-months old, her father was sentenced to jail, leaving her mother to stay with the in-laws.

But her mother remarried after giving birth to Anna, leaving the young and the old together.

She then became the pillar of the family, taking up responsibility to cook, clean and take care of the two elderly.

Taking care of two grandmothers is not an easy task, Anna wakes up early in the morning every day to prepare meals for the grandmas.

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