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Be honest with the people who love you

Never underestimate the power of love

My love is unconditional

False relationship


If you left me without a reason

Texting is a way to miscommunicate

Difference between giving up and enough

don't take for granted a good woman

If I have to ask for your attentions

Relationship takes 2 people

So many things happen when u connect with your soulmate

The wrapping box is lovely

You can't make someone be ready for what you are reasy for


Keeping a good woman happy

Being single is better than being lied to

Follow your heart but take your brain with you

I am letting go

we have to le things go

When the past calls

No matter how good of a woman you are

A real woman can do it all by hersef

Don't expect her to play her role if you have other woman aditioning for her role

Hurts to Let it go

I still miss my ex

My Ex waiting for something better

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