Leaked Video Shows White Cop Tasering Handcuffed Black Man

Shocking video showing the moment a white police sergeant tasered a black man while the suspect was in handcuffs has emerged.

The video was leaked to Dallas TV station KDFW after 15-year-old Jordan Edwards was shot dead by Balch Springs Police officer Roy Oliver in April.

The two incidents are unrelated, but did involve the same police department.

The leaked lapel video was taken on April 28, 2016 and shows officers responding to a call in a neighborhood where a man, 39-year-old Marco Stephenson, had been seen waving a gun.

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By the time they arrived, Stephenson had kneeled on the ground and had his hands on his head in surrender.

One of the officers kicked the weapon out of the way, which later turned out to be a BB gun.

The officer who was recording the video is seen putting Stephenson in handcuffs. Then he gets his knife out and cuts Stephenson’s backpack off.

It’s during this time that Stephenson starts  arguing with the officers, saying that he doesn’t understand why he’s under arrest because it was just a BB gun and he was playing with kids.

Stephenson is then heard spitting, and the officer cutting off the backpack says ‘You better watch it Marco’. Stephenson replies by saying he was just spitting out a toothpick.

Once the backpack is off, another officer, who was standing to the left of the lapel officer, takes out his Taser and pushes it into Stephenson’s side.

Stephenson recoils from the shock and yells as he tumbles to the ground, taking one of the officers down with him.

‘Don’t pull away,’ the officer says as he tases Stephenson again.  ‘You understand? You understand? Don’t pull away. You get it? Do you get it?’

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