Las Vegas Police Hunt For Call Girl Seen With Gunman Before Massacre

A US official says investigators believe the Las Vegas shooter may have hired a prostitute in the days before the shooting, and they are interviewing other call girls as they look for clues into his motive.

The official said on Friday that prostitutes are among the hundreds of leads they are pursuing as part of their investigation into Stephen Paddock.

The official, who was briefed by federal law enforcement officials, wasn’t authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

They also revealed that Paddock and his girlfriend Marilou Danley visited the Middle East on a cruise sometime during the past few years.

They did not reveal the significance of any of the trips. Officials have repeatedly dismissed ISIS’s attempts to claim responsibility for the atrocity.

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In Paddock’s room, officials found a piece of paper containing a number of phone numbers but they reiterated no suicide note was found.

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