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Lady Gaga Pays Tribute To Trayvon Martin On New Album

Lady Gaga pays tribute to Trayvon Martin with song titled, “Angel Down” featured on her new album

Lady Gaga says the current political climate has inspired her latest song, a tribute to Trayvon Martin titled, “Angel Down,” from her latest album Joanne.


In the song, Gaga sings:

Doesn’t everyone belong in the arms of the sacred/ Why do we pretend we’re wrong has our young courage faded/ Shots were fired down the street by the church where we used to meet/ Angel down, angel down, why do people just stand around

You can listen to the full song in the video below.

She stated that the inspiration behind her album was the high stress of politics, the way things are going in society, and all of the chaos in America. Lady Gaga stated that this is her response to “the epidemic of young African-Americans being murdered in this country.”


She went on to say “How can I not say something? How could I possibly make an album about twerking my ass in the club?” asked the singer. “In my mind, I can’t reckon it. It feels empty. It feels irrelevant.”

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