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Ladies Get The Last Laugh After Man Books 6 Dates In 1 Night

Good Morning America featured six women from Washington DC on the show that have quite a story of looking for love in the digital 21st century. They all claim one man, whom they only refer to by his first name, Justin, scheduled back to back dates with all of them on the same night, in the exact same Washington, D.C. bar.

But it was the women who got the last laugh.

“As soon as Kristen [Incorvaia] and Raven [Manigault] showed up, we decided it was too ridiculous not to share, and if this was happening to us it must be happening to other people too. And we just figured this guy needed to be called out,” Lisette Plyant, 26, the first date to show up for the evening, said on “Good Morning America” today.

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Source: ABC News, Good Morning America

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